Training courses

Training courses

Our organization has supported companies in their business development for ages. Effective marketing operations demand deep knowledge of the company’s structure, its clients, products and services in offer. We have to know the strategy of the company, its mission and values. In many cases our role is to create the whole processes for efficient implementation of the marketing actions.
In every company people are the most important. Effective enhancing skills, introducing in new processes, aim consciousness building, engaging in the process of change are essential elements of efficient new marketing processes implementation.

We offer effective, practical trainings connected with the areas of services realized by us.

Sample training courses and workshops:

Brand strategy building and marketing strategy realization
• What is the brand? Brand creation / Branding,
• Brand strategy building,
• Marketing strategy in a company,
• Marketing plan and budget,
• Promotion vs. sale,
• Effective media planning,
• Plan implementation and realization,
• Marketing activities evaluation.

Marketing processes management in a company
• Marketing strategies implementation in organization,
• Business processes modeling,
• Effective teams building,
• Planning, coordination, control,
• Discussion of IT solutions targeted at activity automation,
• (ERP, CRM, SCM, Workflow etc).

Company image

A) Company identity building. Image vs. identity
• Visual identity system,
• Website,
• Names, slogans, mottos.
B) Company’s informational politics
• Informational activities and public relations in company practice,
• Image management in crisis,
• Image activities in the area of social business responsibility.
C) Online image
• Internet monitoring,
• Attendance in social media – branding in social media,
• Measurement and analysis of the efficiency of social media activities.
D) Internal communication as an element of image building
• Company workers and representatives’ behaviour system,
• Communication during official reunions.

Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

• Key ideas of digital marketing,
• Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing,
• Digital marketing possibilities,
• Digital marketing features,
• Market research,
• Key concepts related to digital marketing,
• Digital marketing tools,
• Legal matters.

Digital campaign planning:

• First steps,
• Analysis of the situation,
• Gathering information,
• Target group,
• Aims,
• Tools choice,
• Action plan,
• Budgeting,
• Action effectiveness indexes,
• Interaction.

Search engines, optimization, remarketing:

• Introduction to SEO,
• Search results and optimization,
• Search engine mechanics,
• The process of optimization,
• Legal aspects.

Mobile Marketing – Basic assumptions and trends:

• Opportunities and possible restrictions and threats of Mobile Marketing,
• Mobile applications,
• Mobile and social media,
• Regulations and legal assumptions.

Social Media Marketing:

• Introduction to Social Media Marketing,
• Aims and priorities setting,
• Functions, settings, content creation, coverage, commitment, statistics in different social networking sites,
• Advertising management through different social networks in social media.

E-mail Marketing:

• Basic assumptions,
• Technical elements,
• Good practice and legal constraints.

As part of our training courses we organise also mentoring workshops and projects aimed at team commitment and effective implementation of new solutions. The presented catalogue makes up only sample training topics. Our every offer is made-to-measure, created with the client to respond fully to their real needs and the results of trainings should result in effective business benefits.

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